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What is the difference between a Member and a Partner?

An inCruises Member is someone who purchases a membership to save money on booking cruises and travel the world in comfort and style. Partners join our Independent Partner Program (IBP) to promote and earn commissions, bonuses and other incentives by referring others who purchase memberships. We call Partners who are also Members “Partner Members.” So each time we mention Members, know that also includes “Partner Members.”

If I am a Member, do I also have to be a Partner?

Although many of our Partners are also Members, it is not mandatory. It is possible to be a Partner, a Member, or both, what we call a “Partner Member.” Experiencing the value and personal use of our membership product helps you promote our genuine service to others.

Does a Member have to join as a Partner to sell other memberships and earn a free membership?

Yes. We make a clear separation of the two roles. You cannot earn commissions or incentives for referring others unless you are a Partner. For example, in order to get your own Membership waived, a Member must be a Partner and refer 5 active paying Members to have their own Membership dues waived. Members who are not Partners and refer others do not have the opportunity to earn commissions or to have their Membership dues waived by referring others.

Are Partners travel agents?

No. Their responsibility is to promote the membership program and the business opportunity that inCruises provides. They do not book travel nor assist members with cruise purchases, using their Cruising Dollars, or anything related to the travel experience. inCruises has a dedicated staff to help members with their cruise purchases.

Who is our target market?

Only three percent of the world population has ever taken a cruise. Only 20 percent of U.S. adults have ever taken a cruise vacation. There remains an enormous untapped market and first-time cruisers are important to the growth of the industry. During 2013, the North American cruise industry carried 17.6 million passengers on a global basis. In 2014, that number rose above 20 million and is expected to exceed 24 million in 2016.

Is the cruise industry still growing?

Since 1980, sales of cruise vacations have increased at an annual rate of 8.4%, almost twice the rate of tourism overall! 167 new cruise ships entered the market from 2000-2013 and 20 more ocean cruise ships will debut between now and 2018 to meet the growing demand. Cruising enjoys the highest satisfaction level of any vacation with 9 out of 10 cruisers saying they will cruise again.

What are the ways you can potentially earn income as a Partner?

There are many ways to earn income as a Partner with inCruises. There are Instant Pay Bonuses, Producer Bonuses, Residual Compensation, Free Memberships, and bonuses based on the income and sales volume of your entire downline organization, as well as several other incentives. Please review our Compensation Program for more details.

Can I get paid for recruiting others?

inCruises does not pay for the recruitment of Partners, only for the sale of a membership to a Member and when your Partner Team makes Membership sales.

How often are commissions paid?

Instant Pay bonuses: Paid within 24 hours of your Partner Member enrollment. Producer bonuses: Paid one day after the end of your compensation calendar month. Residual Compensation: Paid immediately as your qualified Members make their recurring Membership payments.

Leadership bonuses: Paid on the first of each month based on the previous month’s production.

What is meant by a calendar month?

A calendar month is the period from a day of one month to the corresponding day of the next month if such exists as from January 3rd to February 3rd, or if not, to the last day of the next month as from January 31st to February 28th.

How do I get paid?

inCruises pays its Partners through International Payout Systems, Inc. (i-Payout). Each time a commission is earned, we will transfer your earnings to your inCruises Wallet and notify you. You can then transfer your wallet balance, assuming it is greater than $50.00, to i-Payout in order to receive your funds via:

Check mailed to your home or business

Bank transfer to your local bank

Pre-paid Visa or MasterCard

Can I get paid from i-Payout as a business using my EIN or equivalent business identification number outside the US?


How much does it cost to have my own inCruises independent business with all the tools necessary to do business?

There’s a one-time activation fee of $195 and an annual renewal fee of $95 each year thereafter. Partners gain access to online training, their very own corporate email (, UNLIMITED email marketing system, social media marketing tools, personalized Referral Links, marketing materials, marketing videos, Android and iPhone apps, and downloadable business cards. We estimate the value of our UNLIMITED email marketing system to be more than $50.00 per month. You’re receiving a lot of value for a one-time activation fee of $195 during your first year and $95 annually, thereafter.

Do Partners have their own Personal Replicated Websites?

Yes. You will have a personal referral page you can share with others. For example,, as well as other pages that more specifically market our Membership or Partnership opportunity. Anyone who visits your page and registers will automatically be credited to you.

How does Facebook marketing work?

Our Facebook marketing is simple and duplicatable. From within inCruises, you can post two types of messages on your wall:

Our Partner opportunity

Our Membership offer

These posts are placed on your wall and are visible to your friends. If anyone clicks on the link embedded within the entire post (which includes your unique referral link) they will be taken to your referral page where you’ll automatically receive credit after they register their account.

Alternatively, you can send a direct message to your friends through Facebook messaging. Those messages also include your embedded Referral Link.

What if I cancel or drop out from being a Partner? Can I get a refund?

The $195 one-time activation fee is refundable only during your first 30 days after upgrading.

How much can I earn selling inCruises?

Your earnings match your efforts, your passion and the size of your team and their efforts. You have the opportunity to grow your earnings as you grow your number of personal and team Membership sales. Your success is truly unlimited!

Does inCruises pay commissions on the Partner activation or annual fees?

No. Commissions are not paid for any fees paid by Partners to have access to our business opportunity. We only pay commissions and bonuses when Membership sales are made by our Partners.

Are cruises considered business expenses for inCruises Partners?

We like the way you’re thinking and be sure to check with your accountant.

How is InCruises different than the typical pyramid scheme found on the Internet?

Pyramid schemes are illegal. inCruises is a legal company operating in the Direct Selling Industry using the power of Network Marketing to reach its target audience. Our products and compensation program have been reviewed by the top law firms in the direct selling and travel industry and have been found to be operating within 100% of the laws and regulations enforced by these industries. inCruises has also registered in every state and country it officially conducts business in where necessary.

Can I earn back my start-up investment within 30 days of upgrading?

We believe you can! By launching your business and referring family and friends, your start-up costs can be recovered – plus some additional earnings as well. The tools and programs available to Partners help them get off to a great start.

How can I be successful?

Building relationships is at the heart of our business. Whether it be face-to-face or online, promoting inCruises gives you the opportunity to build on the relationships you already have – and help you create new ones. Add to that a love of travel and talking to others about travel, a passion for success, and all the amazing support you receive when you become a Partner, and you’re on your way to unlimited rewards and success.

inCruises is NOT an opportunity where you make thousands or tens of thousands of dollars in income overnight. It’s a viable business similar to other direct selling companies. It would be irresponsible to claim that someone could be successful with inCruises simply by enrolling as a Partner. No one can make such a claim about any business opportunity, and inCruises makes no such claim.

Can I be successful selling online only?

No. Our business requires human interaction beyond digital messaging. However, inCruises is fully integrated in social media and we offer great email marketing tools so there are tons of opportunities to promote your business online. Plus, inCruises has its own mobile apps so you can connect with and grow your client base from your smartphone to make money any time, anywhere!

How else can I succeed as a Partner with inCruises?

One of the best things about inCruises, and direct selling in general, is that with the right attitude, commitment, a lot of determination and a willingness to learn, almost anyone can succeed.

inCruises Partners have access to a world-class training program that teaches them the proven strategies and confidence-builders that could help them reach their goals, whether that’s financial freedom or being able to afford the extras in life. The people who do best in our business are those who are passionate about travel and are willing to learn.

What is direct selling?

It’s about direct contact with your customers, being your own boss, and having your own business. You can work independently, or with a team. You can work from home and create the work/life balance that’s right for you and your family. However you choose to sell our membership, you’ll be part of a warm, welcoming community of people and travel lovers just like you.

The World Federation of Direct Selling Associations (WFDSA) defines direct selling as “a dynamic, vibrant, rapidly expanding channel of distribution for the marketing of products and services directly to consumers.” Basically, direct sales cuts out the middleman in the sales process.

Direct selling also offers people the opportunity to:

Work full or part time, from anywhere

Own a business with little (or no) capital investment

Earn income based on personal effort

Socialize with others

Be recognized for accomplishments

Control their own schedule based on personal or family needs

According to the WFDSA, more than 91 million independent sales Partners are part of the global direct-selling industry, accounting for more than US$154 billion in annual retail sales.

Why did you choose the Direct Sale Model for this offer and not television or other marketing strategies?

inCruises selected this option because it best fits the model of the cruise industry. We wanted to provide a World Class Business Opportunity Built on Best Practices.

Direct selling minimizes upfront costs, as compared to conventional marketing methods, and allows us to be more responsive to the ever-changing overall market conditions. We believe this channel also allows us to effectively communicate the potential benefits and unique properties of our Membership. In addition, direct selling provides our Partners (our business-building independent associates) with an avenue to supplement their income by building their own business centered on our business philosophies and unique products.

We believe it is the most cost-effective way to quickly and effectively introduce our membership product and communicate information about our business to the marketplace. The cruise industry has traditionally relied on travel agents to market its product.

inCruises doesn't spend money on traditional advertising (like TV, radio, and billboards), but instead invests money on sharing and referring others. We take the dollars spent on traditional cruise advertising and pay that out to those who refer business to inCruises. Our current Members are our best source of new members. You should be rewarded with cash for your referrals.

What are “uplines” and “downlines”?

In direct sales, your “upline” or “sponsor” is the person who sponsored or referred you and the person who sponsored them, and so on. Your “downline” is the team you recruit, as well as the team they recruit. When they succeed, you succeed, and when they make a sale, you benefit.

What title is given to those involved in marketing the site?

Partner. Partners join our Independent Partner Program (IBP) to promote and earn commissions, bonuses and other incentives by referring others who purchase memberships.

Are there any other titles Partners can use?

Yes. Partners can qualify for other titles based on sales of Membership Products and number of other Partners they can attract, coach and supervise through our Independent Business Partner Program. Those titles are:

Marketing Manager (MM), Senior Marketing Manager (SMM), Marketing Director (MD), Senior Marketing Director (SMD), Regional Director (RD), National Director (ND), International Director (ID), and Executive Director (ED).

If I achieve a promotion based on production but don’t produce the requirement the following month do I keep the promotion? I just miss out on earning the bonus, right?

Correct, you get to keep the title, not the guaranteed bonuses that come as a result of earning that title.

Are bonuses capped at those set amounts? For example, what if an Executive Director does $600,000 in total sales volume? Is it still a $30,000.00 bonus?

Yes, Team Leadership bonuses are capped, except the 5% worldwide bonus that is 5% of the total sales of the entire company.

How about giving us some examples of how to hit those sales volumes (Diagrams or charts)?

We can’t do that legally; sorry. It could be interpreted to be projections of income or income claims which are regulated by authorities. Partners can’t and shouldn’t do that either. Partners can’t create their own presentations and explanations. This practice is strictly prohibited and anyone caught doing this will be terminated. What we can show you is what’s explained in our Leadership Levels & Income Brochure.

Can I use the money from the Car Bonus, Travel Bonus for other purposes?

Correct. You can use the bonuses for whatever you want.

Does your own personal purchase of a Membership count as one of the three sales needed to become an Active Partner?


What's the benefit of being an active Partner? And do those 3 sales count towards your 1st Producer Bonus if you do a total of 3 during a 30-day period

By having three active paying Members (one of which could be your own membership purchase) you become eligible to earn Leadership Bonuses as long as you qualify with the rest of each bonus requirement. Keep in mind, while your own Membership purchase can qualify you to become “Active” it does not count for your Producer bonus. Residual income is based on having 5 qualified partners and 5 members and one of your Partner Members having 5 qualified Members.

Is residual compensation considered a "bonus" in this plan?

No, residual compensation is subject to other requirements.

Does your own membership count as 1 of your 5 Members to unlock personal residual compensation?


Do you get paid on your own sale if it’s one of three to get a Producers Bonus?

No. Not only do you not get paid on your own sale, but it doesn’t count for producer bonuses nor any type of compensation. This is all part of our adherence to the highest levels of compliance as per our attorney’s advice. If a Partner chooses to be a cruising Member, they will do so because they want to benefit from the membership; not based on any compensation incentive.

I know you need 5 personally referred Members and one Partner that also has 5 in order to receive Residual Compensation, but what if I had 5 Members while still having a Partner who has only 4 Members. Would I still receive Residual Compensation of $5 on Level 1-5?

NO, you would not be eligible to receive Residual Compensation because you would not have a Partner who is membership free (5 members). So you would need to encourage that Partner to get to 5 and become Membership free and then you will unlock residual compensation.

Once I have 5 Members and 1 Partner that has 5 Members as well, do I receive Residual compensation on my entire group or just the the 5 Members and the 1 Partner with 5 Members?

Yes, the compensation document is clear on this. If/when you meet the guidelines (5 Members and 1 Partner that has 5 Members), you’ll qualify for Residual Income; this includes ALL of it. There is no rule that says otherwise or that limits this. So the answer is yes, you earn Residual Compensation up to 5 levels.

Is there any financial protection for Partners against sickness or death?

Please consult our Policies and Procedures Manual for complete details. It states:

Upon the death or incapacitation of a Partner that has achieved the rank of Regional Director or higher, his or her business may be passed to his or her heirs. Appropriate legal documentation must be submitted to the Company to ensure the transfer is proper. Accordingly, a Partner should consult an attorney to assist him or her in the preparation of a will or other testamentary instrument. Whenever an INCRUISES business is transferred by a will or other testamentary process, the beneficiary acquires the right to collect all bonuses and commissions of the deceased Partner’s marketing organization provided the following qualifications are met. The successor(s) must:

Execute a Partner Agreement;

Comply with terms and provisions of the Agreement;

Meet all of the qualifications for the deceased Partner’s status;

The devisee must provide INCRUISES with an “address of record”;

If the business is bequeathed to joint devisees, they must form a business entity and acquire a Federal Taxpayer Identification Number. INCRUISES will issue all bonus and commission checks and one 1099 to the business entity.

Transfer Upon Death of a Partner

To effect a testamentary transfer of a INCRUISES business, the executor of the estate must provide the following to INCRUISES: (1) an original death certificate; (2) certified letters testamentary or a letter of administration appointing an executor; and (3) written instructions from the authorized executor to INCRUISES specifying to whom the business and income should be transferred.

Transfer Upon Incapacitation of a Partner

To effectuate a transfer of a INCRUISES business because of incapacity, the successor must provide the following to INCRUISES: (1) a notarized copy of an appointment as trustee; (2) a notarized copy of the trust document or other documentation establishing the trustee’s right to administer the INCRUISES

Do Partner Members who earn FREE Memberships because they referred at least 5 Members, count for commissions?

Yes. Even though their own Memberships are waived, they will count for residual income and leadership bonuses.

For those on my team who have earned a FREE membership, do I still earn $5 per direct and $5 per indirect down 5 levels for each of them even though they are no longer actually paying $100 per month out of pocket?

Yes. We pay residual income even on Memberships that are waived.

If a person joins as a Partner to build a business but chooses not to become a Member, do they convert into a Member once they acquire 5 direct members? Do they begin earning 200 Cruise Dollars per month for as long as they maintain 5 direct members even though they never paid $100 to become a member?

No. This violates the principle of becoming a Member first, and then getting your fees waived once you have 5 directly referred Members.

If a Partner comes on board and refers just 1 Member or Partner/Member and 7 months goes by and they have not referred at least 1 other Member or Partner/Member, does their Partner account go inactive?

If after 6 months a Partner does not have 3 directly referred membership sales (one of which could be their own account), the Partner is placed on inactive status and is notified of their change in status.

Will it be possible for us to customize the email invitations sent through the inCruises email invitation system?

Editing our invitation emails is not possible at this time. For compliance purposes you cannot edit invitation emails. However, you are free to send any invitation you like using your corporate email and including your personal Referral Link as long as the communication adheres to our marketing policies and Policies and Procedures Manual. Be advised that invitations sent through your corporate email do not add the recipient onto our “invited” list and they do not show as a “pending” contact.

I want to automatically add people to the INVITED list so they can register, but I don’t like the current invitation text. What can I do?

The easiest way to do so is to import your contacts from Google, Yahoo, Outlook or CSV files. Anyone you import will be placed on the “Invited” list and they will not receive an invitation email. You can then send them an invitation email from your own email client or from your inCruises corporate email, allowing you to customize the message as you see fit subject to our marketing policies and Policies and Procedures Manual.

Once you upload/import your contacts and that person visits and enters the email you imported, our system will know that you referred her/him and will give you automatic credit even if you did not send them an invitation through our internal invitation system.

For personal referred Members, do you earn 100 Cruise Dollars when you refer 3 in a compensation calendar month? What about the next calendar month? Do you earn the same amount again?

You earn 100 Cruise Dollars for every three new directly referred Members during any compensation calendar month. You do not get another 100 Cruise Dollars during their second month. Instead, you then earn $5.00 for each of them every month thereafter as long as you have at least 5 total directly referred Members and 1 Partner that also has 5 (they are Membership Free).

It looks like in order to get paid on your personally referred Members, you would have to produce 3 new Members within a calendar month, correct?

Correct, during any calendar month, you get paid through Producer Bonuses which are based on completing 3 new Membership sales. Once your referred Member pays their second month, you begin earning residual commissions each and every month as long as you qualify (maintain a total of 5 Members and 1 Partner that has 5 Members). If you produce 2 Membership sales during one calendar month you will not earn a Producer Bonus. However, those two Members can generate residual compensation if they continue to pay subsequent months, assuming you qualify for Residual Compensation (having 5 directly referred Members and 1 Partner that has 5 Members - meaning, they too are Membership free).

Do Producer Bonuses limit you to 3 during any compensation calendar month or is it 100.00 Cruise Dollars for every 3 Membership sales?

For each set of 3 Members you refer during a compensation calendar month you earn a Producer Bonus. So, 6 new Members would equal 200 Cruise Dollars in bonuses, 9 new Members would be 300 Cruise Dollars, etc. After the Member’s initial payment, you can get paid on subsequent payments through Residual Compensation.

I transferred money from my inCruises wallet to i-Payout in order to receive my commissions in my bank account and I was charged $4.50. Is this normal and will I continue to pay $4.50 each time going forward? Is this fee based on a % of the money I earn?

No, you will not be charged $4.50 in the future for i-Payout transactions. Keep in mind that we DO NOT make any money on fees charged by i-Payout. Although the price of your initial payout may seem high, that’s the price we pay to have the ability to pay Partners in 192 countries and to have a system that provides our Partners choices, like ACH funds transfers, wire transfers, e-wallet hold, paper check sent to your address, even a prepaid MasterCard.

Here’s the breakdown of the fees involved in retrieving commissions through i-Payout:

Each time you transfer money from your inCruises Wallet to i-Payout (any amount) you get charged $1. That’s why we pay you to your inCruises Wallet first and allow you to transfer the funds to i-Payout when you have accumulated enough to make the transfer worth it.

It’s smarter to wait to receive multiple commissions, or enough that the $1 would not be a significant amount.

The first time you set up a new payment method, they charge $1. For example, when you set up your ACH for the first time, you will be deducted a $1 fee. This is a one-time cost.

There’s also a monthly fee IF you have an e-wallet balance or have been paid at least once during one calendar month, of $1.50.

If you do not leave any money in your i-Payout e-wallet and you do not get paid during the month, that fee is waived.

When you get paid again and you transfer the funds to your bank account, you would only be charged $2.00

You wouldn’t pay the $1.50 monthly fee again because you are within your calendar month and because you already established the ACH (no more setup fees).

You would only pay $2.00.

Bottom line: it’s not $4.50 each time. Their fees tend to be lower based on the above explanation and it is NOT based on a % of the money you earn, so in reality, the more you earn the less the cost to withdraw funds.

To summarize: EARN more money! The fees are less and your wallet will be happier!

Could you please explain the 40% rule from the compensation plan?

No more than 40% of your income can come from one of your producing legs. That’s the maximum amount we allow towards earning Rank Achievements and Team Leadership Bonuses. Take the volume of the rank achievement you are trying to reach and multiply it by 40% to determine the maximum amount of volume that can be counted in your largest leg. You are not limited to 5 legs. You can have as many legs as you want to make sure that you always qualify for any and all bonuses. As an example, if you have 100 legs that each produce $1,000, then you’ll qualify for $100K because no one leg exceeds 40% or $40,000.

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