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How much does it cost to join inCruises as a Member?

If someone wants to become an inCruises member, they will pay a monthly membership fee of $100.

What do they get for their $100 monthly Membership fee?

For each $100 payment, our Members receive 200 Cruise Dollars.

What are Cruise Dollars?

Cruise Dollars are credits or points our Members can use towards purchasing a cruise in full or further reducing the cost of their next cruise vacation.

How can I use Cruise Dollars?

Cruise Dollars can be used toward cruise fare(s) quoted and confirmed at booking including fares that include flights, stateroom upgrades, port charges, government taxes and fees, travel insurance, processing fees, and pre-paid gratuities. Cruise Dollars may NOT be used toward POST booking purchases, including but not limited to excursions, cruise tours, specialty meal and beverage packages, medical expenses, gratuities and any personal expenditures AFTER your booking and once on onboard.

How does the membership work?

Our Members pay $100 per month to become and remain an active Member. Members earn 200 Cruise Dollars for each $100 payment. Cruise Dollars accumulate and rollover month-after-month and they never expire as long as you remain an active Member. You can use your Cruise Dollars to book either Global Destination offers or Dream Cruises.

Are the Cruise Dollars applicable to just one passenger, or the total cost of the booking for all passengers in the cabin?

You can apply Cruise Dollars to any cabin booking, including bookings where multiple passengers are booked in the cabin, as long as ONE of the passengers, sailing on that cruise/cabin is a Member. The others do not have to be Members.

What are the key advantages of joining inCruises?

#1 Cruise Savings: What makes us unique is that our Members earn 2-for1 Cruise Dollars as part of their Membership; meaning that for each $100 Membership payment, they accumulate 200 Cruise Dollars; that automatically gives you DOUBLE purchasing power when you’re ready to book a cruise.

How long do Cruise Dollars last? Do Cruise Dollars continue accumulating as long as you remain a Member?

Yes Cruise Dollars continue accumulating month after month and never expire as long as you remain an active member.

Can I contribute more than $100 month toward the membership?

No. It's a $100 maximum per member. However, if you plan to cruise with another person, your spouse for example, that person can also be a member and both will be able to apply their Cruise Dollars to the same cruise you will be booking together.

How can inCruises afford to offer 2 Cruise Dollars for every $1 paid?

There are a number of factors when combined that allow us to make this possible. Those factors include, our recurring membership model, agreements with travel partners who have pre-negotiated rates and amenities and substantial buying power with the cruise lines, as well as commissions we earn on each booking. We also take into account that most of our Members will not cruise at the same time.

Is inCruises a discount buying club?

No. While members do have the opportunity to save and receive substantial discounts, inCruises does not, nor do we promote having cooperative purchases because of our size or “group or volume buying power” or “clout” of our members.While we do not promote having clout, we do promote Cruise Dollars as a means to receive substantial discounts and that our preferred partners certainly have volume buying power! inCruises travel partners, those who facilitate some bookings for us, do have incredible buying power with every major cruise line and many tour operators, resulting in exceptional low prices and exclusive offers such as upgrades, discounts and more.

How many cruises can we take in one year?

As many as you like! There are no limits.

Who can I use my Cruise Dollars with? Can I book a cruise and use my Cruise Dollars with friends, family, etc.?

Yes, but some rules do apply. For example, the person who’s listed on the Membership must be the person booking the cruise AND must be one of the passengers who will be traveling on the cruise. Your Membership is an individual Membership. You can use your individual Membership to book cruises for you, your family, your spouse or significant other, subject to our maximum Cruise Dollar per cruise booking rules. Members can also combine their Cruise Dollars to book one cabin if they are both traveling on the cruise and in the same cabin.

Can you book travel for others and NOT travel yourself?

No. The person who’s listed on the Membership, must be the one booking the cruise AND must be one of the passengers who will be traveling on the cruise.

Can I gift a Membership for others?

Yes. You cannot gift a cruise to others using your Membership, but you can certainly gift our Membership to others.

Are the Cruise Dollars transferable to another person?

No, they are not.

How do I get the most value from my membership?

Maintain an active Membership and accumulate Cruise Dollars. Then start booking multiple cruises on an annual basis to get the most from your Membership.

What happens if I stop paying the Membership?

If you discontinue being a member, we will give you up to 1 year to reactivate your account. To reactivate your account, you will need to pay each Membership month you missed. You will still earn double Cruise Dollars for each month you pay to reactivate your account, and those Cruise Dollars will be added to your previous balance. After 12 months of inactivity, your account is closed and your Cruise Dollars expire and are forfeited.
In the event you have more than 5000 Cruise Dollars and wish to donate your Cruise Dollars to the Make-A-Wish foundation, please send an email to

How many Cruise Dollars can I use per cruise?

Members can use 100% of their Cruise Dollars to book any of our exclusive Dream Cruises and up to 50% of the total booking cost with Global Destination Cruises.

What are Dream Cruises?

Dream Cruises are hand-picked cruises we believe offer the most value, the best port visits and that allow our members to see more of the world for less. We save our Members time and money by doing the research and offering only the absolute best value available. Dream Cruises are available on the dates we have selected and pre-negotiated with the cruise lines giving you access to prices not available anywhere else! Period.
If our Dream Cruises don’t work with your schedule or if you’re not interested in the ports or amazing destinations we have selected, you can book ANY cruise from our Global Destination offers.

What is the difference between a Dream Cruise and a Global Destination Cruise?

Dream Cruises are hand-selected offers. You can use 100% of your available Cruise Dollars to book Dream Cruises. With Global Destination you can book any cruise you want from the thousands of available offers we have on our site, or through your preferred booking method (travel agent, other website, etc.) You can use your Cruise Dollars to pay up to 50% of the total booking cost of any Global Destination offer, subject to a per year, per cruise, maximum number of Cruise Dollars (500 during year 1, 750 during year 2 and 1000 during year 3 and thereafter.) Please consult our Membership Agreement for complete details.

With Dream Cruises, what are the cruise lines and cabin types?

Dream Cruises are booked on a wide range of cruise lines and port destinations all over the world. On our site, we identify the cruise line, the price and the cabin type.

With Dream Cruises does the price include airfare?

No, our Dream Cruises do not include airfare. There are some Global Destination offers that do include airfare.

Is the price listed on the site for Dream Cruises for 1 person or 2?

The price shown on our website is the price per person based on a minimum of 2 people in a cabin. This is how all travel websites show their per person price. The booking must be for a minimum of 2 persons in each cabin.

When can you book or reserve a Dream Cruise? Can you reserve one prior to accumulating all the needed Cruise Dollars and then finalize the booking later?

You can only book Dream Cruises when you accumulate enough Cruise Dollars to pay for the total cost of the trip. You must pay your Dream Cruises ENTIRELY with Cruise Dollars. Pre-payments or reservations are not allowed.

If both members of a couple are inCruises Members, can they combine their Cruise Dollars on one Dream Cruise booking?

Yes. If a couple are both inCruises members, they can combine their Cruise Dollars to cover the total cost of booking a Dream Cruise.

If a Dream Cruise is priced at $1,000 per person and I have accumulated 2,000 Cruise Dollars, can I use my 2,000 Cruise Dollars to purchase that cruise for me and my spouse?

Yes. As a Member you can use your Cruise Dollars to pay for any cruise, including the cost of anyone else sailing with you in the same cabin. However, you can only use your Cruise Dollars to pay for the fares of others if they are sailing in the same cabin as you.

If the Dream Cruise is $1,000 per person can you sail by paying for only one person with Cruise Dollars and then paying for the 2nd in cash?

No. Dream Cruises are only payable in Cruise Dollars. The entire cabin price must be paid in full at the time of booking.

Can I use Cruise Dollars for more than 2 people on a Dream Cruise, including children for example?

Dream Cruises are quoted on our site, as with most cruise booking sites, on a per person basis. If you have enough Cruise Dollars you can book 1 cabin with as many people as the cruise line allows. Sometimes a cruise line will allow 3 people or more to share a cabin. You can use up to 100% of your Cruise Dollars to book 1 cabin with your membership regardless of how many others are booked in the cabin as long as the Member is one of them.

Why are Dream Cruises the best value?

#1 You can use 100% of your Cruise Dollars for these bookings.
#2 We do the research for you in regards to finding the best offers that give you the most value for your money.
#3 Take one Dream Cruise per year and in 7 to 10 years you could check off just about every major destination you’ve always wanted to travel to.

Can a couple, both having an inCruises Membership, combine their Cruise Dollars to book a Dream Cruise or Global Destination offer?

Yes, two or more people can combine their Cruise Dollars to book the same cabin in any of our cruise bookings, as long as they are all going to be traveling in the same cabin, subject to our Cruise Dollar usage rules. For example, some of these rules state that Dream Cruises must be paid in full using your Cruise Dollars, while you can only apply Cruise Dollars to cover up to 50% of the total cost of a Global Destination Cruise; regardless of how many Members combine their Cruise Dollars.

What type of staterooms are available with Dream Cruises?

Our Dream Cruises are available in all cabin types (standard interior, premium stateroom, ocean view, balcony, suites) and so on. As long as you have enough Cruise Dollars you can book your preferred cabin type.

If I don’t have enough Cruise Dollars to book a Dream Cruise, can I pay the difference out of pocket?

You must have enough Cruise Dollars in your account, or between the accounts of all Members booking and traveling on the same cruise/cabin to pay for the Dream Cruise entirely with Cruise Dollars. Dream Cruises cannot be paid out of pocket if you happen to be short of the total cost of completing your booking.

What if a couple wants to take their 2 children on a cruise and will need 2 cabins and it just so happens that they are both Members, how can they best use their Cruise Dollars?

In this scenario each Member should book one cabin, and each of them have one child as their guest. The end result is that they will have booked 2 cabins using their Cruise Dollars and all 4 members of the family will be able to travel.

What is inCruises’ policy for children on Dream Cruises?

Children can be part of cruise bookings as long as they are the guest(s) of a Member who is completing the booking and is a passenger on the cruise. Rates for children and what is considered a child and/or an infant vary widely by the cruise lines. If you plan to travel with children, please consult our booking staff prior to completing your booking.

When we accumulate enough Cruise Dollars to book a cruise, can we then use any available Cruise Dollars for add-ons such as prepaid gratuities, drink packages, and/or excursions?

While there may be some Dream Cruises that include some of those amenities in the price; generally, the price you see will only include the cost of booking the actual cabin. Please check each booking on our website for more details. Any and all upgrades after you book your cabin are paid out of pocket. Cruise Dollars cannot be used post-booking to pay for gratuities, drink packages or excursions as outlined in our Membership Agreement.

What are Global Destinations cruises and when can I start booking them?

“Global Destination Cruises” are the entire universe of cruises available at any moment; literally thousands of cruises worldwide! There are cruises for any and all budgets, styles, and ports all over the world. Members can book Global Destination Cruises after making only 3 monthly Membership payments! You can use Cruise Dollars to book Global Destination cruises saving you hundreds of dollars, even thousands each time you book a cruise. You can pay up to 50% of your Global Destination booking with Cruise Dollars subject to a per cruise limit during each membership year.
You can apply up to 500 Cruise Dollars to each cruise you book during year 1. That amount increases to 750 Cruise Dollars for each cruise you book during year 2, and 1,000 Cruise Dollars during year 3 and thereafter. The 500, 750 and 1000 Cruise Dollar amounts are PER CRUISE. You can go on as many cruises as you want each year.

How does the 50% rule for Global Destination bookings work?

Let’s say a client pays 100 USD for 3 months. That means they have 600 Cruise Dollars (3 times 200 Cruise Dollars accumulated each month). If they book a cruise that costs $800 USD, they’ll get reimbursed $400 (50% of 800 is 400). Now imagine they are in their 2nd year of Membership and they book a cruise for $2,000. 50% of $2,000 is $1,000. However, their 2nd year limit is 750 Cruise Dollars, so they will be reimbursed $750 for that cruise. The rule is 50% of the total booking UP TO the maximum reimbursement Cruise Dollar per cruise / per year as outlined in our Membership Agreement. Remember that these maximums are per cruise, so you can go on as many cruises as you want during each membership year.

For Global Destination Cruises, if someone doesn’t go on a cruise in year 1, can they then use $1,250 ($500 + $750) towards reducing the price of a cruise in year 2?

No. The number of Cruise Dollars you can use for each cruise during your Membership year is not cumulative. It’s very simple to understand. During year 1, you can use up to 500 Cruise Dollars for any cruise booking and you can cruise as many times as you want during each year, each time being able to subtract the maximum number of Cruise Dollars allowed. During year 2 (after making 12 membership payments) so starting in Month 13, you will be able to use 750 Cruise Dollars each time you book a cruise. And after 24 Membership payments, so starting in Month 25 you will be able to use 1000 Cruise Dollars towards each cruise booking. Again, you can cruise as much and as often as you like; there are no restrictions on how much you can cruise.

How can I book a Global Destination Cruise?

inCruises Members can book Global Destination Cruises directly on our site (, by clicking on Global Destinations on our “Cruises” menu. Alternatively, they can book cruises through their favorite travel agent, travel company/website, or even directly with the cruise lines. We empower our Members to purchase any Global Destination cruise they want, however they want to book it, with whomever they want to book it with. Members have the freedom to book Global Destination cruises globally without any commercial, language, or geographic restriction.
The key advantage of booking Global Destination Cruises through our website is that your Cruise Dollars are automatically applied/redeemed on check-out from the total price, and you will only have to pay the portion that is your financial responsibility. If you book your Global Destination Cruise outside of our website, you will have to pay the entire cruise out of pocket and then submit required documentation to us in order to be apply your Cruise Dollars and receive your reimbursement.

If I book a Global Destination Cruise outside of the inCruises website, how can I be reimbursed for the applicable Cruise Dollars?

Members will follow a few simple steps to get reimbursed for their Global Destination cruises using their Cruise Dollars. Simply book the cruise and travel. When you return from your cruise, submit these three documents to inCruises: 1) Initial booking confirmation 2) Proof of purchase and 3) Checkout document from the cruise ship provided to you on disembarkation. inCruises will then reimburse you the applicable amount of Cruise Dollars through our payout provider, i-Payout, within 10-14 days from receipt of all required documentation. In order to be reimbursed, a Member must remain an active paying Member through the entire process.

Can I be reimbursed for cruises that I have booked prior to becoming an inCruises Member?

No. You will only be allowed to receive reimbursements for cruises taken AFTER becoming a Member of inCruises.

If I want to increase Cruise Dollars, can my spouse join as a member and use the combined points to book a cruise?

Yes, although not required, many couples purchase separate memberships and then book the cruises at the same time in order to use more Cruise Dollars towards their bookings.

Why do you only offer Cruises?

Cruising offers the best overall travel value, the most comfort, and the ability to explore many countries in one trip with food and entertainment included.

If I want a cabin to myself, traveling alone, do I have to pay more?

Yes and no. If a cruise line offers a SOLO fare (this is the name used in the industry for those traveling in a cabin by themselves), then YES, you will be able to pay the cost of that SOLO fare. However, most cruise lines require double occupancy so the Member will have to pay for two people or the equivalent, 200% of their individual fare to book the cruise. If a single cruiser is interested in a Dream Cruise, they will need to contact us to in order to book their cruise manually as group rates further complicate this.

Are Cruise Dollars considered taxable income due to the 200 Cruise Dollars for every $100 paid in Membership dues?

No, Cruise Dollars are not a currency so there is no tax implication. Redeeming Cruise Dollars is comparable to booking a Cruise with a deep discount as a result of a promotion or incentive. No one gets taxed more because the true value is higher. We also suggest you confirm with your accountant.

Is there any financial protection if inCruises went out of business?

No, we are all at risk. To mitigate risk, we have Seller of Travel Registration in every state required and bonded when required to do so. In some cases, we have made personal guarantees where required. Everything we are doing is proven and nothing is on trial. Our CEO has never lost a single dollar for an investor or partner. Our CEO has never been in commercial litigation. Bottom line: we are built to last and here for the long haul, and like anything in life, there are no guarantees.

Will there be All-Inclusive Luxury cruises coming in the future?

Our intention is for families to take at least one Dream Cruise per year. These type of cruises would take families a long time to accumulate their Cruise Dollars and therefore we do not anticipate offering these as part of our Dream Cruises. These cruises would be eligible for Global Destination offers per our Cruise Dollars guidelines.

Is there a way to get a reduced or free membership?

Yes. If you join our optional Independent Business Partner Program, you can earn commissions by referring others to our program, which can help you reduce your cost or even earn you a part-time or full-time income. We also offer a unique program that waives your monthly membership dues if you personally refer 5 paying members who have an active membership.
You can learn more on our Partnership page.

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